Need to set boundaries? Curfews is a flexible tool, which allows parents to limit incoming text messages. When set, incoming text messages are queued (held) and delivered after the curfew has ended.*

Your children will love that text messages are not deleted, so there's no "missing out" on communication. As soon as the curfew ends, messages received during the prescribed time are delivered.

Curfews can be set any time you want your children to be focused on important activities - school, dinner, bedtime, or special events. Couldn't we all use more quality family time?

Some texts should always be the important ones from you! The 'white list' feature allows delivery of texts from parents, caregivers, and specific numbers, regardless of curfews.

And, some texts should never be delivered. 'Blacklist' specific numbers to block unwelcome communications completely.

* Please note, functionality varies by phone operating system. For complete functionality details, visit our features by device type page.

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